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SPINS proprietary data insights and solutions for brands & retailers looking to drive innovation and growth with an eye for health and wellness.

Committed to the growth of the Pet Industry

SPINS has created a community focused on delivering better-for-pet products by connecting natural pet brands to independent retailers and retailers to pet parents. The only way for the industry to succeed is through access to data, insights, and expert support.


Helping Pet Brands to Grow, Innovate, and Scale

By Your Side During the Pet Parent Boom

SPINS brings you a comprehensive view of your performance with insight into growth opportunities and innovation trends.

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Assess Your Performance

Track performance and competitive insights at innovative retailers

Engage Your Consumer

Drive profitable results by optimizing sales and marketing strategies

Identify Growth Opportunities

Scan the market for white-space opportunities and emerging trends

Collaborate With Retailers

Build stronger retail relationships with the data to back up your sell story


Solutions for Pet Retailers to Make Pets Healthier and Pet Parents Happier

Your Eyes and Ears on the Changing Market

Your relationship with SPINS is designed to give you easily accessible insights that will give you the answers you need to grow your business and differentiate in the crowded market.

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Benchmark Within Your Channel

Understand category dynamics and compare your performance vs the channel

Identify Shopper Trends

Identify trends through SPINS unique pet-specific product attribute coding

Differentiate Your Stores

Discover the newest product innovations and stand out from conventional retail

Gain Market Share

Gain valuable insights across the channel with full security and anonymity


Joining the SPINS Pet Community Helped This Retailer Grow by 300%

With 5 established locations, a pet retailer worked with SPINS to get the tools, data, and resources to build a stronger assortment, discover new products, and understand the trending ingredients and product attributes that are top priorities for their health-conscious pet parents.

With expert guidance from SPINS and a disciplined approach to analyzing the data monthly, the team was able to make changes on the go. Adjusting as necessary, they curated their assortment to not only meet their shoppers’ needs but to grow a loyal following of pet parents who talked them up at the dog park.

In less than 2 years as a SPINS partner, the once-under-the-radar retailer grew its business by 300% and became an anchor for the pet communities surrounding their stores. Given their momentum, the exploding pet market in 2020, and the evolving features coming from SPINS, their team renewed their contract as an exclusive retailer for 7 more years.

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“I’ve worked with other data providers, and the differentiator that SPINS had was a real focus on the medium to smaller size businesses and understanding their needs.”

Jon Martinek
Chief Merchandising Officer, Independent Pet Partners LLC


SPINS Pet Trends Report 2020

In order to understand the natural pet market, SPINS set out to understand the new pet parent. This in-depth report covers our findings and what they mean to pet brands and retailers today.

Coming Soon: SPINS Pet Trends Report

“SPINS has a passion for pet specialty and is making sure we are helping independent retailers and natural brands grow when it matters most.”

Amy Kerr
Pet Community Development, SPINS

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