2020’s Top Trends in Natural and Organic

Spark Change Kicks Off: An Update on the Natural and Organic Market

Last week, Spark Change, a Natural Products Expo, kicked off its virtual 2020 event. To start the event off, Carlotta Mast from New Hope Network and Nick McCoy from Whipstitch Capital gave attendees an update on the state of the natural and organic industry in this very unusual year. 

With COVID-19 upending basically every aspect of normal life around the world, the outlook for the natural and organic market is quite different than it was at the start of the year

graphic showing a case for natural product integration in retail

The natural and organic industry is poised hit $252 billion dollars, spurred by 9.5% growth. COVID-19 sent consumer demand surging this year, as shoppers loaded their pantries in March and April and continued to spend more time preparing meals and eating at 比特币BTCC交易网home. If projections hold, the market is on track to hit an estimated $300 billion in 2023.

What’s driving this growth? Mast and McCoy shared some of the leading industry trends today: 

driving growth

Higher Demand for Supplements

Growing Interest in Natural, Organic, and Functional Food and Beverage

Conventional food and beverage continue to comprise a majority of category sales. However, when looking at growth, natural, organic, and functional are taking the lead. Last year their growth rate is on track to outpace conventional food and beverage by more than 200%, and 2020 is looking to maintain that momentum. 

Natural Shoppers Are Turning to eCommerce

COVID-19 accelerated the popularity of online shopping for customers wary of in-person shopping. Although eCommerce sales have been steadily increasing for many years, 2020 experienced an extraordinary spike: Natural and organic eCommerce sales growth is expected to surpass 50% this year. Shoppers will likely continue to rely on online shopping post-COVID, especially now that they’re used to the convenience, but it will level off a bit from this year’s unexpected surge. 

To get the full story on the trends that are popping up as a result of COVID-19 and what to expect in a post-COVID market, you can view the entire presentation here (if registered) or contact us at visit the SPINS virtual booth. 

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